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Practice Areas

Real Estate Transactions

The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar's Real Estate Transactions group represent clients in all types of real estate transactions and all aspects of real estate development. Our attorneys represent clients when they purchase and sell, lease, encumber and finance all manner of commercial properties and projects. Our lawyers are adept at the use of conveyance and financing techniques to maximize client goals. Also, when necessary, our Business Litigation lawyers represent our real estate clients in court when disputes as to real estate and leasing matters cannot be resolved out of court.

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Charitable Gift Planning

When it comes to planning for major charitable gifts, clients need lawyers who understand how to make gifts in a tax efficient fashion and to carry out an individual client's charitable objectives. McCarthy Fingar's Charitable Gift Planning lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide services to individual clients and charitable organizations.

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Municipal Law & Land Use

The attorneys in our Municipal Law & Land Use group have years of experience in municipal matters. Attorneys in our group have held elected office, been employed in government service and served in appointed volunteer positions. For our municipal clients, we handle general as well as special representation in such areas as planning, zoning and environmental law and in rem tax foreclosure and tax certiorari proceedings. For our private sector clients, we appear before government boards and agencies in those areas. We also engage in administrative and litigated proceedings both before and on behalf of governmental units.

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Corporate & General Business

McCarthy Fingar's Corporate & General Business group offers creative yet practical solutions for our clients. Whether handling mergers and acquisitions, advising on private equity transactions, advising family businesses, or advising clients on securities law issues, our lawyers bring legal and business experience to promote success. Click at representative matters for a description of some of our work.

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Tax Certiorari & Condemnation

The lawyers in our Tax Certiorari & Condemnation group, led by Stephen Davis, represent owners of income producing and development real estate to redress their grievances against various governmental and municipal entities. In the area of tax certiorari law (real property assessment appeals), McCarthy Fingar's lawyers seek assessment and tax reduction, along with tax refunds. Click at representative cases for a description of some of this group's work.

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Mediation & Arbitration Practice Group

The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar's Mediation & Arbitration Practice Group use Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes (ADR), to help clients resolve their disputes without resorting to litigation. Settling a legal dispute through ADR avoids the expense, publicity, delay and uncertainty of a decision by a judge or a jury. These processes can also preserve business and family relationships. Click to see brochure to find out more about our group.

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Cannabis Law

The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar's Cannabis Law group are uniquely qualified to help our clients succeed in the highly regulated medical and emerging adult-use cannabis industries. Cannabis businesses must cope with numerous evolving and sometimes conflicting federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern growing, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis and products derived from the plant. In addition, these laws and regulations govern business activities that are ancillary to those of basic legal cannabis business. 

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Surrogate’s Court Litigation

McCarthy Fingar is one of the leading trusts and estates litigation law firms in White Plains, the Lower Hudson Valley and throughout the metropolitan New York region. Our Surrogate’s Court Litigation lawyers represent fiduciaries (executors, trustees and guardians) and actual or prospective beneficiaries of estates and trusts in a variety of contested proceedings, including Will & Trust Contests; Property Turnover Proceedings; Fiduciary Removal Proceedings; Contested Accountings; Spousal Rights Proceedings; Kinship Proceedings; and Will or Trust Construction Proceedings. Click at news, speaking engagements or publications to obtain more information about the speaking engagements, published written materials and other activities of our estate and trust litigation attorneys.

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Collaborative Law

McCarthy Fingar has some of the best Collaborative Lawyers in our region. How does Collaborative Law work? When a couple agrees to the collaborative resolution format, each party has his or her own attorney, and makes a formal, written commitment not to go to court, right at the outset. Instead of costly litigation, the parties themselves, with the assistance of their attorneys, meet, set goals, gather information, create solutions and ultimately reach an agreement to resolve their divorce or family law dispute. If you think you may require our assistance or have any questions, please contact one of our Collaborative Law attorneys: Kathleen Donelli, Dolores Gebhardt or Hon. Sondra M. Miller.

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Exempt Organizations

Whether it relates to its tax exempt status or advice as to the way they do business, not-for-profit organizations and charitable private foundations require attorneys and tax professionals with high-quality skills and experience. The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar's Exempt Organizations group are among the most best known and respected in our region.

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Trusts & Estates

McCarthy Fingar maintains a reputation as a leader in the Trusts & Estates field, representing individuals, families and corporate fiduciaries in tax and financial planning, estate and trust administration and estate and trust litigation. Click at newsspeaking engagements or publications to obtain more information about the speaking engagements and published written materials and other activities of the lawyers in our Trusts & Estates group.

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Appellate Practice

Our Appellate Practice group, led by Judge Sondra M. Miller, a retired justice of the Appellate Division, Second Department, represents clients in many areas of the law, in both Federal and New York courts. Clients who have endured the difficulties of litigation may face the ultimate challenge when their cases go to the appellate courts. Those who have won their cases must defend their success. Those who have lost face the even greater challenge of reversing an unfavorable outcome. Successful appellate advocacy requires the highest level of legal experience and expertise. Click at representative matters for a description of some of our work.

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Matrimonial & Family Law

People whose family relationships are under stress or failing need lawyers who are not only powerful advocates, but will take the time to understand their individual circumstances, and fashion positive solutions to their unique problems. The lawyers in our Matrimonial & Family Law group are some of the best known and respected attorneys in our region. Click at client testimonials to see what our clients say about our Matrimonial & Family Law attorneys. Click at news, speaking engagements or publications to obtain more information about the speaking engagements, published written materials and other activities of our Matrimonial & Family Law lawyers.

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Clients with complex business and personal affairs require tax attorneys with both expertise and experience. The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar’s Taxation group provide assistance in numerous areas by applying our experience and creativity to help bring about tax-favorable results. Click at news, speaking engagements or publications to obtain more information about the speaking engagements and published written materials and other activities of the lawyers in our Taxation group.

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Commercial Finance

For many decades, the attorneys in McCarthy Fingar's Commercial Finance group have provided high-quality and cost-effective legal services to institutional lenders and other clients throughout our region. We bring our collective legal and business experience to every engagement. Whether a client retains us to close a sophisticated lending transaction or to restructure or collect on a troubled loan, our attorneys will develop and pursue business and legal strategies to promote success.

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Business Litigation

The lawyers in our Business Litigation group focus on helping clients minimize risk and distraction by helping them gain leverage in the most efficient manner, resulting in favorable outcomes. Thus, we begin every engagement with an evaluation of the facts and a discussion with the client of the client's legal rights and options. Click at representative matters for a description of some of the work of the attorneys in our Business Litigation group. Click at news to see what our lawyers are doing, including their professional speaking engagements.

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