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Appellate Practice

The McCarthy Fingar Team

Our Appellate Practice group, led by Judge Sondra M. Miller, a retired justice of the Appellate Division, Second Department, represents clients in many areas of the law, in both Federal and New York courts. Clients who have endured the difficulties of litigation may face the ultimate challenge when their cases go to the appellate courts. Those who have won their cases must defend their success. Those who have lost face the even greater challenge of reversing an unfavorable outcome. Successful appellate advocacy requires the highest level of legal experience and expertise. Many attorneys who are fully competent to represent their clients through trial recommend that their clients retain specialized counsel to handle appeals.

The Appeals Process

Appeals are among the greatest challenges attorneys face. McCarthy Fingar takes pride in the strength of its Appellate Group. Before an appeal goes forward our appellate lawyers carefully study the record in the lower court and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the lower court decision. Based upon that review, our appellate lawyers, usually working with lawyers in one or more of our various specialty practice groups, counsel a client as to the probable merits of an appeal, whether a client is seeking to defend or reverse a lower court decision. If we agree to represent a client and seek a reversal of a lower court decision, we then proceed with the arduous task of developing the record on appeal, working only from the lower court record. If we are seeking a reversal, we proceed to the critical task of writing a concise appellate brief to explain to an appellate court the flaws in the lower court decision and why the appellate court should reverse. One of our experienced appellate lawyers will argue the case before the appellate court, if oral argument is required.

Representative Cases

The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar's Appellate Practice group have had successful outcomes in a variety of State and Federal appellate matters. Click at representative matters for a description of some of our work.

McCarthy Fingar's Leadership in the Community

McCarthy Fingar's lawyers are often in the news and are frequent lecturers on many different topics. Click at news to see what the lawyers in our Appellate Practice group are doing. Click at speaking engagements to see the different speaking engagements of our Appellate Practice lawyers.

Contact Us

McCarthy Fingar's Appellate Practice lawyers are dedicated to our clients' success. If you think you may require our assistance or have any questions, please contact Hon. Sondra M. Miller by email (smiller@mccarthyfingar.com) or by phone (914-385-1015).