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Lester D. Steinman, White Plains & New York Municipal LawyerAnna L. Georgiou, Municipal Law & Land Use Lawyer

Municipal Law & Land Use - Zoning - Res Judicata - Collateral Estoppel

McCrory v. Village of Mamaroneck Zoning Board of Appeals (Sup. Ct., Westchester Co. May 23, 2014)

Our Municipal Law & Land Use lawyers sometimes use procedural defenses in representing their municipal clients. Here, the Petitioner challenged the Village of Mamaroneck Zoning Board of Appeals' (ZBA) denial of her appeal of the issuance of a certificate of occupancy to the same neighboring property owner. The issues raised by Petitioner had previously been raised in a prior appeal to the ZBA in which she participated. As a result Lester Steinman and Anna Georgiou, on behalf of the ZBA, successfully moved to dismiss the Article 78 proceeding on the grounds of res judicata and collateral estoppel.

Douglas S. Trokie, White Plains Business Lawyer

Corporate & General Business – Restructuring & Reorganization of Corporation - Transfer of Control to Next Generation of Shareholders

Restructuring & Reorganization of Corporation & Transfer of Control to Next Generation of Shareholders

As the owners of a small corporation get older and approach retirement age, our business lawyers often work with clients to develop a plan to transfer control and decision-making duties to the next generation of shareholders. Here, Douglas Trokie was able to reorganize the officers and board of directors of the corporation to permit the shareholders’ children to have greater legal responsibility. As part of his work, Doug also updated the corporate minutes and by-laws in connection with the reconstituted Board and Officers. He also helped develop and draft policies for employee retention and employment agreements, so as to provide for a smooth transition of power from one generation to the next, to help ensure that the income stream of the corporation would not be adversely affected.

Frank W. Streng, White Plains Estate Litigation LawyerDina M. Aversano, White Plains Litigation Lawyer

Surrogate's Court Litigation - Trusts & Estates - Will & Trust Contests - Summary Judgment Motions

Matter of Tedesco, Surr. Ct., Westchester (File No. 2012-781/B) (8-13-2014)

In contested will proceedings, objections to probate must be grounded in admissible evidence to avoid dismissal.  Here, Frank Streng and Dina Aversano successfully defended our client in a will contest between the decedent’s niece and nephew and our client, the decedent’s long-time, but unmarried, partner of over 40 years, by moving for summary judgment to dismiss objections to probate. A motion for summary judgment is appropriate where, like in this case, there are no issues of material fact to warrant a trial by a fact-finder. What made the case particularly unusual is that the executor named in the Will did not move for summary judgment, forcing McCarthy Fingar and its client, representing a beneficiary, to seek to uphold the will through the successful summary judgment motion.