Erika M. Kissh


Erika M. Kissh, Trusts & Estates Attorney

Erika M. Kissh is a member of our Trusts and Estates, Guardianship Practice, Surrogate’s Court Litigation and Taxation groups. After graduation from law school, Erika was an associate at the law firm of Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP.  In law school, Erika distinguished herself in different ways, including authoring several publications: Pace Law Library Student Research Guide, Title IX: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault (2018); and Animal Blawg, “Who Gets the Kitty?” (2019) & “Horse Racing: An Elitist Sport or Animal Abuse” (2019).

Erika brings passion to everything that she does, especially her work as a lawyer. Her interests in becoming a Trusts and Estates lawyer began in law school, where one of Pace Law School’s respected faculty members, Professor Bridget J. Crawford, encouraged her. As reported by Pace Law School’s “Path to Practice” module on its web site: “When Erika decided to take Wills, Trusts and Estates with Professor Crawford, she was unaware that it would shape her experience at Pace. During this class, Professor Crawford inspired Erika and she fell in love with this area of law. Erika sought Professor Crawford for academic and career advice. Professor Crawford spent time with Erika selecting classes that would strengthen her skills and increase her knowledge in this area of law.”

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