Streng and Nimetz Win Case in Which they Nullify An Alleged Gift in Surrogate’s Court

Frank W. Streng, Surrogate’s Court LawyersIrma K. Nimetz, New York Litigationk Lawyer

McCarthy Fingar’s lawyers sometimes represent clients in cases, in which, prior to death, there are questions on whether a valid gift was made by a decedent. Such cases bring on the need to commence a property turnover proceeding in the Surrogate’s Court under section 2103 of the Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act. In Matter of Elias Schwartz, two of our Surrogate’s Court litigators, Frank W. Streng and Irma K. Nimetz, representing the decedent’s daughter, successfully persuaded the Westchester Surrogate’s Court to nullify a gift allegedly made by the decedent of his house.