Family and Divorce Mediation


McCarthy Fingar’s Mediators and Arbitrators help couples who have decided to end their relationship to avail themselves of family and divorce mediation. Using the proposed Separation Agreement, our mediators encourage the parties to consider all of the issues commonly addressed in a Separation Agreement as well as any other matters unique to them. These may include equitable distribution of property, spousal support or maintenance, child support, decision-making and parenting arrangements (sometimes called custody and visitation). In addition, we help couples create pre- and post- nuptial agreements. 

Best Interests of Children

We believe that mediated agreements serve the best interest of the children by increasing the possibility of active and supportive parenting and decreasing the intensity of parental conflict. Parents participating in mediation work together to figure out the practical, logistical and financial arrangements that will support the goals that they have for their children and for themselves as parents. As children grow, or circumstances change, parents may elect mediation as a process for revisiting prior parenting-related decisions made at the time of their separation, divorce or dissolution of their relationship.

We Can Help

Kristen Mackay Pennessi concentrates her practice in matrimonial and family matters. Kristen’s experience as a litigator helps people understand the value of mediation to reduce emotional damage, contain financial cost, as well as facilitate the parties to reach an agreement on terms that are fashioned to their specific needs.

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If you think you may require the assistance of McCarthy Fingar in Family & Divorce Mediation, please contact:

Kristen Mackay Pennessi by email ( or by phone (914-385-1033).

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