What We Do

In mediation, one of McCarthy Fingar’s trained mediators first guides each participant to better understand and clarify their own concerns and those of the other. If mediation fails to bring a solution, arbitration is sometimes chosen as the best alternative to litigation in the court system. In arbitration, the parties agree to permit a third-party to make a binding decision to resolve the controversy. These two process are combined in Med/Arb, where the parties first work towards a mutually acceptable outcome, but then the neutral issues a final binding decision when they are unable to agree.

Expertise Available from a Full-Serviced Law Firm

McCarthy Fingar’s Mediation & Arbitration Practice Group can draw on the resources of our skilled lawyers who have a breadth of knowledge in varied fields. In the mediation process, the clients are able, only upon a unanimous request, to have a lawyer in one of McCarthy Fingar’s specialty groups provide participants in the mediation with instant access to neutral, legal expertise.

Moving Beyond Conflict to Resolution

If you think you may require the assistance of McCarthy Fingar in Mediation or Arbitration, please contact:

Gail M. Boggio by email (gboggio@mccarthyfingar.com) or phone (914-385-1026).

Kristen Mackay Pennessi by email (kpennessi@mccarthyfingar.com) or by phone (914-385-1033).

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