In Rem Tax Foreclosure

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In these times of tax caps, unfunded mandates and economic uncertainty, municipalities should be ever more vigilant about real property tax collection and In Rem Tax Foreclosure. Yet, many New York municipalities seem to be missing out on this low-hanging fruit. New York State has refined the process for collection of delinquent real property taxes. The lawyers in McCarthy Fingar’s Municipal Law & Land Use Group can help your municipality develop a program that can reduce this drain on municipal resources.

What is In Rem Tax Foreclosure?

Real Property Tax Law, Article 11, is one of the easiest ways for municipalities to make their tax coffers whole. The reservation that we have encountered with municipalities proceeding under this law has been two-fold. First, the procedures can be rather painstaking. Second, most municipalities prefer not to be in the “real estate business”; after all, the end result of such an action could be town ownership of property that town officials never intended to own.

The McCarthy Fingar Approach to In Rem Tax Foreclosure

Attorneys in our Municipal Law & Land Use Group have been conducting in rem tax foreclosure proceedings for many years in the villages, towns and cities we represent. In some cases, we serve as special counsel for this purpose. Our attorneys’ knowledge of the highly detailed procedures of the Real Property Tax Law is a significant benefit to conducting such proceedings in the most economic fashion. Our attorneys work closely with municipal tax officers to make collection of outstanding taxes less burdensome for the municipality. With their knowledge of the intricacies of the process, our attorneys have not only been able to recoup unpaid taxes, interest and charges, We also have successfully defended challenges from delinquent tax payers.

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