Assessment Grievance or Protest


McCarthy Fingar’s Tax Certiorari and Condemnation lawyers are experts in every aspect of obtaining reduced tax assessment and tax refunds for clients against various governmental and municipal entities. The process begins by the filing of a written grievance or protest with the appropriate governmental and municipal entity.

Should you Make a Grievance or Protest?

Should you file a grievance complaint or protest? The first step in this process is to obtain from the taxing authority the assessor’s estimate of the market value of your property. Usually, this data can be obtained directly from your tax bills. Then, you should estimate the market value of your property, through a formal appraisal process or otherwise, in order to determine if the assessed value exceeds the market value of your property, or if the taxes are too high for any other reason. In such cases, you should then timely file a written grievance or protect with the appropriate taxing authority.

The Timely Filing of a Grievance or Protest

Each year the local assessor compiles an assessment roll. In each town in Westchester and in all cities, except White Plains and Yonkers, Grievance Day is the third Tuesday in June. Written Grievances or Protest, on a form provided by the assessor, must be filed by that day to preserve the taxpayer’s right to Board of Review and, then, a court review (i.e., a tax certiorari proceeding). In White Plains, Grievance Day occurs in January, while Grievance Day occurs in November in Yonkers. In the towns elsewhere in the Hudson Valley, Grievance Day generally occurs on the fourth Tuesday in May.

The McCarthy Fingar Approach in Grievances and Protests

The timely filing of grievances and protests with the the appropriate taxing authorities is the hallmark or a successful tax certiorari matter. McCarthy Fingar’s Tax Certiorari lawyers will be with you at the beginning and will counsel you as to each and every aspect of the process, through and including the settlement or trial of the dispute.

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