Nimetz and Streng Win Digital Discovery Motion

Frank W. Streng, Surrogate’s Court LawyersIrma K. Nimetz, New York Litigationk Lawyer

Two of our Trusts and Estates litigators, Irma K. Nimetz and Frank W. Streng, made and won a motion to compel discovery in a case in which two individuals allegedly used their iphones to change the beneficiary on a decedent’s 401K plan on a financial services company’s web site. In Ellis v. Byrne, a case involving digital discovery, the Supreme Court, Westchester County, found spoliation, holding as follows: “Defendants ‘turned in’ their iPhones, and obtained replacement devices, while already aware that Plaintiff had accused them of using a computer device to unlawfully change the beneficiary designation.” The Court directed a turnover to McCarthy Fingar’s lawyers of the defendants’ iphones for forensic examination.