Streng in the News, Again, on his Nissan Leaf

Frank W. Streng, Surrogate’s Court Lawyers

Frank W. Streng, who chairs our Surrogate’s Court Litigation group, continues to be in the news on his Nissan Leaf electric car. Previously, Frank was interviewed by News 12 Westchester as the first owner of the Nissan Leaf in Westchester. This time, Frank was interviewed by the New York Times on how he faired with his Leaf during Sandy, when he had no power at his home to charge his car. As the Time reports: “With no power (or generator) at home, Mr. Streng has been using a public charger at the White Plains train station, a couple of blocks from his office. ‘I’m now using that as a primary energy source,’ Mr. Streng said. ‘It’s my third day in a row doing it. It’s worked out fine.’”