Streng Interviewed on Hiring Practices of Westchester Law Firms

Frank W. Streng, Surrogate’s Court Lawyers

As one of the firm’s administrative partners, Frank W. Streng was interviewed by the Westchester County Business Journal on whether legal business for Westchester law firms has been negatively impacted by law firms from New York City or elsewhere that have established offices in Westchester. Frank’s comments were reported in the October 31, 2005 issue of the Journal. “I think local firms, like our firm, have entrenched relationships in the business community and it’s because of our long-standing and historic reputation that we’ve established historic relationships. . . . . As for competitiveness, we have a pretty terrific Web site and pride ourselves in being involved in the community and promoting what we do. . . . There are some firms in the city who come here for economic reasons, to get better rent deals than they could get in the city but their practice remains the same. . . . They become a firm in the city that happens to be in a position to continue their New York City work up here.”