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Our experienced Matrimonial & Family Law lawyers always provide clients with expert legal representation in the New York courts and wise counseling through the entire process. We know that clients’ recommendations to friends and families are a powerful endorsement of our work. Client testimonials about our divorce attorneys are the richest form of recommendation. On this page, we set forth some of the testimonials that our clients have told us about our lawyers.

What our Clients Say about our Matrimonial & Family Law Attorneys 

  • “Dear Kathleen [Donelli] and Kristen [Pennessi], I want to thank you both so very much for your concern and professionalism during one of the most disturbing and emotional times of my life. Knowing that you were on my side made all of the difference… and made it possible for me to believe that, in the end, things would be ok. I also want to apologize for my outbursts and anger. Having represented clients for many years, I never really understood the emotional impact… until now. Kathleen… your straight forwardness was priceless and telling me to “take a deep breath” was right on point… and probably prevented several nightmare scenarios. Further, having to deal with opposing counsel such as the one in this case, must have been very trying, but you did it with grace and never stooped to that level. I am very thankful for that. Kristen, your brightness, calm presence and hard work on all of the documents always made me feel as though I was being heard and that you would leave no stone unturned. You have no idea how happy I am that you worked with me on this. With a personality like mine, working with you made a huge difference. I think you are both awesome, super bright, and truly caring women and I am so very thankful that you were on my side. You make a wonderful team!”
  • “I send my personal appreciation to you for your fine, attentive staff and for the extraordinarily competent, caring, and effective way you related with the client in our visit with Kathleen Donelli and Kristen Pennessi yesterday. I was moved by your clear focus and the ways you asked questions; showed your care through your eye contact and body language; constantly made sure the client knew her rights, the processes, and your interest in the client and her welfare throughout the meeting; communicated with dignity and respect; and through it all enabled the client to be more clearly communicative. . . . I wish I had had a video of the interview – it would make a great teaching tool for others in the helping professions not only to see how we all can most effectively relate with others, but also as one piece of evidence on how so completely connecting just might bring more healing and health to those we serve. Thank you for what you do and for how you carry out a significant part of your professional work.”
  • “Kathleen and Kristen. I am writing this email to express my admiration for the outstanding teamwork that was evident on Wednesday at the deposition. As I mentioned earlier, I have never had any experience with lawyers and the courts but from what I saw on Wednesday, I must say I was ‘blown away’ by your handling of the issues. Kathleen, you were amazingly astute and incisive in your questions and follow-ups. I felt you made my case as effectively as possible and no matter what the outcome, I feel that I have had outstanding professional support and consequently am comforted in this stressful situation. Thanks.”
  • “The attorneys I worked with debunk all the myths and jokes about lawyers: they were very clear and to the point, honest and efficient. Equally important in a divorce case, they were empathetic and understood that this was an emotionally difficult process for me. I was never embroiled in legalese or felt confused. They answered all my questions in a very timely fashion and gave me good advice, but never pushed me. I felt I was in very capable and kind hands.”  
  • “I found the matrimonial lawyers at McCarthy Fingar to be smart, knowledgeable and caring. They know the divorce process and its failings, and are constant in their efforts to take and hold the high ground for their clients.”  
  • “I was referred to McCarthy Fingar through a friend and cannot say enough good things about your law firm. . . . I highly recommend this law firm. They were courteous, efficient, professional and most important very helpful during what could have been a very difficult time.”  
  • Going through a divorce is one of the toughest experiences in anyone’s life… to do it with competent lawyers that have impeccable knowledge of all the laws, a complete understanding of the process and system, and have the highest level of integrity, makes it so much easier. My lawyers at McCarthy Fingar took so much of the stress off of my shoulders because I knew whatever could be done… would be done and they always kept me well informed and were with me every step of the way.”  
  • “When I was first served with divorce papers, it seemed as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel. After reading about McCarthy Fingar’s reputation, they were my first… and last consultation. Their logic was to make the divorce process as amicable as possible, but if need be ‘to fight with fire’. As the case proceeded, they employed both of these techniques, and when we were indeed forced to fight back, we were successful with 100% of our motions. The divorce was settled in record time, because of their drive and knowledge of how to do so. I have since referred several of my close friends to their firm.”  
  • “My attorneys at McCarthy Fingar were extremely thorough, diligent, and responsive in their handling of my case. At each step of the process, I had no doubt that everything that could be done had in fact be done to attempt to bring the case to closure as soon as possible. Overall, I felt I had the best representation possible to protect my interests.”  
  • “Over the past two years, my family and I have come to recognize just how fervently you believe in championing the best interests of children, and how determined you are to help judges and legislators understand the need to use the law to work toward that goal. At the same time, our family has come to recognize just how truly wise your counsel is. We have also seen how your heartfelt concern for your clients’ welfare and your extraordinary determination can prevail against significant odds.”

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